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So you’ve done all the prep work, validated with various stakeholders, and got the green light — your quarterly OKRs are ready to go 💪…

…now what?

In this post, we’ll outline a simple workshop structure for generating initial ideas for newly written OKRs.

Objectives and key results (OKR) is a framework for defining and tracking objectives and their outcomes. If you’ve got OKRs written, no doubt you’ve already got some ideas on how you can achieve them as well.

But this simple brainstorming exercise will not only surface more, varying ideas, it’ll also provide a great opportunity to get the whole team involved and invested in the forthcoming product strategy…

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Below are a couple of things that have helped me combat the flurry of incoming distractions each day, so I can keep on top of the important stuff.


  1. Slack notifications
  2. Calendar ownership
  3. Time-sink tabs
  4. Keep a clean desk
  5. Hide the dock
  6. User manuals

1. Slack notifications

Straight off the bat, let’s start with the number one focus vampire — Slack 🧛🏻‍♀️

Slack is a great way to stay connected to your colleagues, especially when working in remote teams or in offices with multiple floors/buildings.

But, how often have you been deep in thought, and then…

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Poof… 👀

💨 There goes your focus.

The number one thing that you can do, right now, to help you focus at work, is to stop treating Slack as a synchronous communication tool. …

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‘seabed’ playlists: 50 and counting

Back before Spotify knew my own tastes better than I do, I would aggregate any of my new found musical discoveries into weekly (or thereabouts) playlists with about 10 songs or about an hour worth of music 🤘

I always tried to construct the playlists in a way that blended the songs together nicely or progressed the mood of the ‘set’ in a listener-friendly way.

By the time I’d reached playlist #50, I’d been making playlists for over two years, and just after I stopped putting these playlists together Spotify released it’s new, intelligent Discover Weekly playlist — an automatically created and curated weekly playlist based on your tastes. …


Craig Johnson

Senior Product Designer @GetYourGuide ✈️, previously @Hotjar 🔥

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