6 divided by 3 — or — Dinner in a busy restaurant with Friends

The hum of chatter
Dated pop songs
Knives against plates
A glass slowly turned against a table top
Eyes passing over eyes
A quote from a movie
A joke about water

An awkward pause interrupted
The handsomely enthusiastic waiter
The drink list
A joke about meat

Drinks arrive
The conversation turns
Hair cuts and shaved beards
The meaning of time travel
and a bottle of Scotch
We agree the clergy know how to party
and there is something about oysters

A consensus develops
Around a second round

The darkening windows
The bell-jar of light

Now we are at sea
The hum and pop songs
Now waves
Against our hull

A joke about dessert
Full Sail

Dessert arrives
Everyone tries
Everyone else

The wind shifts
The waiter’s charms begin to fail
A third round does not come
And we’re heading for shore

The bill drops anchor
Debates, Tips, Math
6 divided by 3

And now it’s night
And a sidewalk
And you
And I
And home

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