Have the courage to do anything

Right, it’s time to get real. To start making something of yourself and your life and start making progress on those dreams you have. No more fucking around.

That distant friend you know, the annoying one that ‘always lands on their feet’. That’s me. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been told that, as well as, ‘yeah but you’re different, I couldn’t do that’, or even worst, ‘you’re just lucky, I’m not’.


Yeah I hope a monumental amount of vomit hit the roof of your mouth like a dam bursting at the seams. I don’t tell you this to float my ego down the Nile on a perfectly made wicker basket, I tell you to highlight how ludicrous it is.


Yep, that’s right. Numero uno… stop literally lying to yourself about what life is, and what you can achieve. You know better, jeez, you’ve read a few self help books in your time, that’s why you clicked on my ‘gaggingly’ positive title. Stop it. Seriously. Don’t begin to mention how you can’t travel the world because you have a car lease, or you can’t start that company because you have bills to pay. Just reading those back sound ludicrous. You have to stop telling yourself that, and own, up. Take responsibility for where you are and why you haven’t begun the things you want to. It’s no one else’s responsibility. Nobody else is going to come in, give you the opportunity of a lifetime that perfectly matches your dreams on a silver platter along with caviar and your ex’s head. You, and only you are going to make your life something you’re proud of, or something you wish had gone differently. I know you can do it. Annoyingly, to have the courage to do anything, you have to have the courage to look yourself in the mirror; oxymoron or fuckin’ what.

But here’s the amazing catch to mustering courage out of what seems like the inevitable ether of sadness and sorrow. The golden bridge that will give you courage to seek courage. A secret weapon. You have, despair. Yep, you read that right. Wait, isn’t despair a negative? Not when you contemplate it. You’ve been hiding under contemplation for a long time, you know what it is. And more helpful, is you know how to use it! You’ve been allowing contemplation to water your dreams just enough to keep them alive, making them think they’re cared for, and cherished. I want you to contemplate despair. I want you to contemplate how if you don’t get off that couch, stop eating chips, stop watching films, drinking 3 nights a week and being too tired after work to do more than put the dishwasher on, that you will face despair head to head on your dying day. Went there. Despair. You have one, life. What are you doing. ‘Ah but, life isn’t that bad’. I heard you! I heard your inner thoughts just ‘react’ to what you just read. Stop them! Stop them convincing you everything is fine. It is not fine. You’re not following your dreams. Despair is how you’re going to have the courage to look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that everything is on the line. There is no second chance at life. Next time round you’re coming back as a fly that lives for 24 hours and eats faeces.


Not that attorney, not that life coach, not that mother in law, best friend or compassionate sibling. You have to protect your dreams in an impenetrable vault. Not how a villain from the early James Bond movies protects things with seemingly ferocious shark infested waters. You can’t let anyone tell you can’t do it. Those that do, you use it as motivation. When someone tells you ‘no’, remind yourself, that if you shared your dream and everyone you told said ‘oh wow, that would be super easy and great to do’, how shallow satisfaction would be. It would mean so much less. You have to have people think you’re crazy, that you’re stupid to give up on everything you already have for it to mean anything. If you don’t, your dreams aren’t large enough. I don’t need to lecture you on when people in my own life have said I couldn’t do something and then I’ve gone and done it. I refused to make this article about me and my life. It’s for you. If you want an example, just google it, there is tons of evidence out there. Trust me when I say I’ve gone for dreams that seemed highly unlikely, and close friends (who were completely justified in their advice) told me I should not set myself up for disappointment, and I’ve gone out and successfully done it anyway. I once gave someone the same advice. Just the once, and I’ll never do it again. That guy went on to be a famous millionaire (no names) after I told him his career maybe coming to an end and he should save his money. Fail. Don’t believe anyone.


So think about this for a moment. If you’re struggling with ‘not knowing how’, what are the ways in which you do, know how? You’re taught? You know that being taught is just the beginning of knowing how to do anything. You can be taught in a classroom how to learn a language but it’s when you’re living in the country that you truly learn how speak fluently. You can learn how to drive with an instructor but it’s when you’re on the road with the crazy people cutting across you without their indicators on that you really learn how to drive. Most of what I know today I’ve taught myself. It’s exactly the same reason you’re reading this article. You’re teaching yourself. I’ve seen myself as different this way but ironically, I was taught this too. I was taught at a very early age that anything is attainable, if I teach myself how. So, if you don’t know ‘how’ to get your dream to fruition, it’s because you haven’t started teaching yourself yet. Which means, you haven’t started chasing it yet.

Nowadays you can literally Google anything your heart desires and be inundated with hundreds of articles explaining point by point how to do something, along with videos, podcasts and transcripts. Don’t allow your mind to kid yourself into thinking you don’t know how. Ironically, you will never need to. The day that you do know how to build a multi-million dollar company, is the day that you actually do. All the time up to it, you haven’t a clue, and all the time after it, you forget you even cared as you’ve set a new goal. The only thing you need to worry about is how to make sure you enjoy the time learning, that’s your job.


Stop it, you’re killing me. You can no longer get away with saying that. There is way too much content out there screaming about how we all have the same amount of time and you’re wasting time watching TV and sleeping in. Anyone you’ve ever admired — same amount of time. That skyscraper you passed on your way to your dull 9–5, owned by someone with the same amount of time as you. You have the time, what you don’t have is the courage. You need courage to clear the time for your dreams to flourish. For you to have time to go through all the learning involved to become that orchestral pianist, you need to have the courage to say no to drinks on a Wednesday night with the gang. You need to say no to those extra hours at work that will mean you can go to that concert next Saturday. Hell, you should even be looking at concert tickets. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have a personal life. I mean that your life predominately becomes about that dream you have, and pursuing it. Reminding yourself of despair and that you’ll never know how to achieve your dream until you actually teach yourself through doing. There’s something beautiful and enriching about having your ‘day off’ but getting up at 5am and working on your dream right through till midnight. You’ll physiologically see all the people you’re passing on the couches, in the beds, and in the bars as they sit there giving themselves moment’s of satisfaction contemplating, ‘I’m going to become a millionaire’.


Ok, so time to stop reading this article. You aren’t going to find your dream tucked away in someone’s post about their experiences and their life. It’s your time now. So turn off you phone, logout of Facebook, Youtube and all the rest, put away that chocolate, find yourself a very quiet place, and don’t you dare leave until you’ve started the pursuit of your dream.