Eligibility Requirements for SOT Carl C. Smith Graduate Student Award

A former senior scientist with the Dow Chemical Company. Dr. Justin Craig Rowlands now serves as a senior scientist with Underwriters Laboratory Supply Chain & Sustainability. Dr. Craig Rowlands additionally maintains memberships with such professional organizations as the Society of Toxicology. During his time as a student, Dr. Craig Rowlands won the organization’s Carl C. Smith Graduate Student Award.

The Society of Toxicology (SOT) is a professional organization providing scientists from the government, academe, and the private sector with a platform for outreach initiatives and continued professional development. Every year, the SOT recognizes members who have exercised their knowledge and position in the field of toxicology to make a positive impact in the world through the SOT Awards program.

To qualify for the Carl C. Smith Graduate Student Award, students must submit an abstract for the SOT Annual Meeting, accompanied by at least two letters of recommendation discussing both the student presenter and his or her contributions to a research project. Abstracts are reviewed for general scientific merit as well as specific relevance to the field of toxicology. Additional areas of interest include the quality of abstract writing, the author’s personal statement, and the student’s approach to his or her project. Students must also receive sponsorship from at least one member of the SOT Mechanisms Specialty Section.

Past winners of the Carl C. Smith award include Michigan State University’s Rance Nault, in recognition of his work on the impact of environmental contaminants on the development of fatty liver disease, and Bharat Bhushan of the University of Kansas Medical Center, whose project analyzed acetaminophen overdose and liver failure. More information can be found at www.toxicology.org.