Aspiring Writer, Retired Coast Guard, Traveler at Heart

I was afflicted at a very young age with a genetic condition known as wanderlust. Regardless which point of the compass I contemplated, I knew it was in that direction that promised adventure. The experiences I craved, I was sure, lie just past my expansive North Dakota horizons. The prairie upon which I grew held its own beauty and mystery; however, it was the world with all its wonders that beckoned me forth.

I have hung my hat from Florida to Alaska, but not for very long in any one place. My travels have taken me from as far north as Kodiak Island to as far south as the frozen rugged beauty of Antarctica. My traveler’s spirit remains unquiet and demanding and thus I will continue to see and experience places I've yet to.

Writing has opened a whole new world for me and I intend incorporate this new found love with my travels. While currently learning the technical aspects of writing and how to meld them into my own style, I will continue to experiment with how I will inevitably combine these two elements.

Retired Coast Guard, BFA Major, love to cook, love to write!