“Tell Me A Story Daddy.”

Father of two.

For one reason or another, books and reading didn’t play a big part in my childhood. Which I don’t mind, as the discovery of them later on in life has been a wonderful and rewarding experience.

However, this is something I’ve been mindful of while raising my boys. I want them from a young age to have an appreciation for books that I didn’t have. Therefore, I have made it a priority of mine to read to them as much as I can. However, due to my current work schedule I am not always able to read to my sons every night, but I am able to get in a few nights a week. Although, late last year this changed.

Out of the blue one night, my eldest son said he wanted to hear a made-up story about him and his friends. Therefore, I told him 2 or 3 stories about them out playing Pokémon Go in a park. This went on for a few nights, and once I realized that this was now his new thing, I decided to make a deal with him that he had to tell me one too. This is now our nightly routine on the evenings I’m home for his bedtime, and something we both look forward to.

Although not all of the stories are about catching Pokémon, we also tell stories about Mind Craft competitions in Tokyo Dome, and last night, we told a combined story about Karmen Rider and Super Sentai, with my son and his friend being the protagonists. They had to help fight off over a hundred bad guys, and by helping, they were gifted a special sword for them to keep for the next battle. They were also given a special phone that Karmen Rider could contact them directly on whenever he needed their help. (Which he did once already)

Outside of feeding his imagination, I also do it to build his English vocabulary, and to give him a chance to use words he has picked up from books, movies, and cartoons that he would use it his everyday life here in Japan.

In addition, secretly It’s also giving me a chance to practice my craft.

Thank you,

Craig Atkinson.

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