Crave It Goes Global

We rebuilt the entire app, for people who have tried it, you will get a functional app. For our power cravers, you will notice that it is smoother, crisp, and polished. Excited to share more features rolling out in the coming weeks. Give it a try and we look forward to seeing you in the community.

What is Crave It?

Crave It is a social app for food lovers. We make it easy to find and share what to eat, where to eat, and what to cook. Community is at the heart of all we do. Our food community is a place where everyone has a voice to share, create, and connect with other food lovers. At Crave It, you’ll share photos and videos of your cravings with those closest to you and discover new audiences that will quickly fall in love with your favorite foods.

Why are we going global?

From the very beginning, we’ve had foodies from all around the world following our journey and messaging us about how they’d like to use Crave It in their area. We’ve had people from the UK, Spain, India, Japan, Portugal, and so many other places show their interest for Crave It. We knew something had to be done.

Food is global.

Crave It should be global.

What should we expect in this product update?

  • Global users: Crave It will now support 3 forms of log-ins. You will now be able to log in using either the phone number, Google log-in, or Apple log-in. The last two are available globally.
  • Full-screen video: Your dish video takes center stage! Videos on Crave It will now be shown to the fullest, without being cropped.
  • Crisper photos: Quality is something we get behind. Your photos will now keep their original high quality.
  • HD Video: Video will run smoother and with higher quality.
  • Quicker & smoother posting flow: Posting flow has been optimized to run quicker and easier. Your dish is on Crave It in a blink of an eye.
  • Camera Roll Hack: Now, within Crave It, you can search “food” in our Post feature, and voila — all your food photos are available for selection! No more endless scrolling.

Where can I download Crave It?

  • iOS: Download Crave It here.
  • Android: Download Crave It here.

Use invite code “GLOBAL” for access.



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