Only if I were told these life lessons 10 years earlier

Photo Credit: Pexels

Every year older I get I like myself better. Because with every passing year I get a tad bit wiser as I become more privy to how the world works.

Here’s my learnings of the world so far -

1. Do not worship or idolize any human. This will unarguably lead to disappointments sooner or later. Humans are prone to change based on their situations.

2. The head is placed above all organs of the body (the heart including) to covey a point. That Reason should prevail over all else.

3. Watch a person’s action always over his words. One’s actions are a more accurate predictor of his character. Words are cheap, hence it comes out easily.

4. A short tempered and unrefined man is anyday better than the sweet-toned, smiling faces with vested interests. Because the former is vocal about what’s going on inside him but the latter plays you till their last move. And the world’s got a lot of the latter.

5. It’s important to know when to speak, when not to and how to.

6. Save some money during your good days

7. The world is set on cause and effect. So if you cheat someone a penny, you will lose that penny somewhere else, sooner or later.

8. We are a creation just like everything else on earth. Be kind and gentle to everything that lives.

9. The worst crime is deception in the name of God, that is to commit evil in the name of that which stands for truth and righteousness. I pray these kind rot and burn in hell.

10. People, for the most part, are sheep. They like to conform for fear of being singled out from their herd.

11. Do not trust a person who is greedy

12. Do not count on a person who is worldly

13. The sooner you accept a situation you are in, you are in a better position to handle it.

14. An evil woman (also read jealous) is far more wicked than a savage rapist. She wouldn’t be happy even after she sees your ashes.

15. People are selfish. And sometimes your biggest hurts are caused by the same people you’ve helped the most. Still, help people wherever possible.

16. Do not burn bridges or make enemies, as much as possible. As a species we are highly interdependent and we live in a very small world -a past contact can be your saving grace in the future.