If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

Had Trump lost fair and square, this might not be so problematic. In fact, I would wager that, had Trump lost, Trump supporters wouldn’t have protested in the streets like Clinton supporters did.

Gerrymandering much? Even if trump didn’t lose, fair and square, he didn’t win fair and square, either.

The rival of the Trumpian is what he perceives to be the establishment.

Yet, tRump, and his supporters, would almost certainly still blame the black guy… Obama.

What happens if farmers (who we can assume via the above maps are almost entirely Trump supporters) keep their crops for themselves? What happens if the rural people doing the few blue collar jobs that still remain — e.g. truckers and longshoremen — stop working?

Even if a few did, it is unlikely that enough would to bring the entire nation’s infrastructure to it’s knees. Relatively few people are “doomsday preppers” who have bunkers to which they can retreat, indefinitely. The majority are too dependent upon economic movement for their immediate needs to withdraw for very long.

That said, tRump is a corrupt and destructive egomaniac. A lot of smart, wealthy people have a great deal invested in a system that senators and congressmen they bought and paid-for, over decades, have carefully built. They well-know the danger of resisting the public will, but they aren’t going to allow this immoral maverick to muck up their plans for global domination, either.

I think everyone can see various forces — not the least of which is tRump’s own, undisciplined mouth — slowly (if not inexorably) moving tRump toward the door — and that includes his diminishing number of rabid, unreasoning followers. tRump is clearly resisting — and would never concede — but the people who killed Kennedy really wouldn’t mind killing tRump, too, if they deemed another “intervention” to be necessary.

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