Revealed: the TRUTH behind the moon landing and 9/11 conspiracies
University of Cambridge

I saw Kennedy get shot from the front; anyone can see the video. I saw secret service agents called off the car moments earlier. I saw the driver turned around at the exact moment Kennedy’s head exploded and not take off until he knew there was a headshot. I saw everyone connected (Nixon, Johnson and Bush) become president in Kennedy’s place, in the aftermath. I saw his wife silenced for the rest of her life. I saw JFK Jr’s magazine “George” published shortly before he had an “accident.”

I saw squibs shooting all throughout the towers as they were exploding. A few of them were mistimed and fired far below the blast wave. I saw the molten steel that couldn’t have formed from kerosene. I saw evidence of shaped charges in the rubble. I saw building 7 topple, evenly, into it’s own footprint — with no explanation. I saw Bush’s body language betray him as he lied about it.

I saw astronauts, floating in near-earth orbit, faking a view of earth from 3 days away. I saw flaws in the photographs. I saw evidence of cables in the films. What I haven’t seen is anyone other than the US go to the moon.

You who write this garbage do the truth seekers of the world a great disservice. You may well be on the payroll of the CIA whose aims you serve with this tripe.

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