there is reason to question how solid the “full faith and credit” of our government is, whether its backing has much meaning at all
Trump Won’t Kill America, Bitcoin Will
Brett Cenkus

I think the United States has demonstrated that it will stoop to anything to sustain the economy. Who else would make war a business, bombing the world at a tidy profit? Who else has thrown so many of its own citizens in jail (25% of the world’s prisoners are incarcerated in the ‘land of the free’) under the bus, ostensibly to fight drugs? It has all been a fraud. What no one has noticed — for all these years — was when Nixon “severed” the dollar from Gold, he tied it to drugs. The entire nation was then dragged into that economy-sustaining fraud, and it has taken decades for the nation to catch on. Of how many dirty deeds is the US become guilty, for the sake of the economy, of which the general public is largely unaware?

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