A Citizen’s Guide to Impeachment

It is astonishing how dedicated white people are to ignoring the obvious. Your leaders did not do you a favor when they conditioned you to NEVER, EVER want to talk about racism. Ever. Racism is the glue that adheres the majority to their corrupt, contemptible chief. As soon as he began attacking on racial lines, they immediately, irrationally, and violently flocked to what they instictively knew could be a new Hitler.

Having been forced to hold their hate bladders for 8 years of Obama, they need relief, and they don’t care if it ruins their new shoes — or their only healthcare plan. The south have promised to rise again for centuries and they have never stopped flying that flag. Do you really think that means nothing? The rest of you are doing yourselves a disservice to allow them to tell you to be uncomfortable seeing and talking about the obvious. The R word: RACISM.

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