India and China have mass endemic poverty yet have nuclear weapons and space programs, so it can’t…
Uchenna Kema

Race became part of the discussion, because Vikram Babu quoted Gil Scott-Heron, an African American poet and recording artist, talking about “whitey on the moon.” The concept comes from him, not from me. I’m not sure why you’re giving me the credit for originating a concept that came from a person of color??

That said, I very much agree with your larger point that income inequality is more relevant to the discussion than race. People who are over-privileged and out of touch can be of any ethnicity. It seems to me the thrust of Vikram’s piece was to draw a connection between space exploration and the bloated egos of over-privileged people. That seems very valid to me, I just think useful discoveries (that help everyone) are often made in the course of pursuing arrogant, ego-serving projects.