A reply to Paul T: On freedom of expression
KP Jena

Thanks for your response, Krishna. I truly appreciate it.

You know what? I agree with you. People should have a right to express their opinions, and I am a strong supporter of free speech myself.

I’ve always drawn the line, though, at actual hate speech. Speech designed to produce feelings of hatred against other people. The kind of speeches that Hitler used to make to stir up hatred of the Jews being an extreme example of that.

But also I do get your point about free speech. I fully support it. Are you aware of a documentary called The Red Pill? It’s a documentary about Men’s Rights. Feminists have managed to stop movie theaters from showing it, by threatening them and signing petitions falsely claiming that the movie incites hatred of women.

Far from it, the real truth is that The Red Pill was created by a feminist lady who started to explore the world of Men’s rights in order to expose their misogyny but instead found that men actually had some real issues all over the world.

That still hasn’t stopped feminists, most of whom have never even seen the movie, from trying to slander it and stop people from watching it.

So as I say, I do agree with you about protecting freedom of speech.

Fully and completely.

I will repeat that I draw the line at deliberate hate speech targeting a certain group of people. I don’t care if the target of hatred are gays, straights, blacks, whites, men, women, kids, Americans or Indians.

Targeting any group for hatred, and saying it’s ok to hate them is wrong.

May I test you a little further on your point about free speech?

Would you have allowed an article with any of the following titles?

Please, I ask you to really think deeply about this — would you publish an article with any of the above titles? You don’t even have to answer me on this one, just think about it privately. You don’t owe me an answer. But if you privately decide you’d never run such an article, you do have to ask yourself — why is it so much more acceptable to hate on men? Are we men really that bad that we deserve hatred? Good people like yourself, sticking to your principles and trying to protect freedom of speech? Men like Abraham Lincoln and others who dedicated their lives to stopping slavery? Men who worked hard all their life to support their families? Do men really deserve hatred just for the crime of being born male?

I find it sad that men today are such an easy target, that not enough people stand up for us. Why is it that men are 3 to 4 times more likely to commit suicide than women — have you ever wondered? Or why men are given much harsher prison sentences than women, at least in the US? And why nobody seems to care about violence against men, or male rape victims?

OK — looks like I might have the basis of a counter article, and I thank you for your comments suggesting I write one.

I’m so glad that you disagree with the hate-article.

Krishna, I hope that one day you get to see The Red Pill — and I hope the author of that article inciting hatred against men gets to see it too.

Perhaps then he will see the other side of the coin, and think twice before heaping even more injustice on our misunderstood and misrepresented gender.

With respect and kind regards,

Paul T