Morning musings

As I travel to work this morning, I noticed that I am full of energy and excitement, now I’m not totally sure why but it’s got me thinking as I look around and see so many sad and tired faces.

I know not every job one has to do brings a smile to your face, and that some jobs actively get you down.

However what might you be doing to bring the sparkle into your day? Is it that coffee and chit chat, your morning yoga or meditation, perhaps it’s a beautiful hug from your loved one.

If life is full of the down stuff right now, I wonder how we might balance it with some of the up stuff, smiles and lighter, great conversation and ideas, wine and cake!

We have the capacity to create our own lives, write our own stories, although sometimes it really doesn’t feel that way and I wonder what we might do on those down days, those traveling to work feeling low days, that might bring a peep into our step.

Perhaps it’s simply remembering that on some level we have a choice!

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