How I Stopped Gentrification in My Neighborhood
Core City Stories

Todd, You’re missing the point, buddy. Just because this couple had a hard time “describing to their friends where they lived” didn’t give them nor yourself license to give the place a new name. Doesn’t matter what’s happening there, or not happening there. People, people who remained through a lot of change, still live in this place. Doesn’t really matter how many remain either. It is still known as Core City by these dwellers. And new-comers, regardless of whether they know there’s a name for a place or not, whether they know and like it or not…do not automatically gain license to call shots in their new place. It may have been fun and funny, but the joke stopped at the edge of the domain registration, the Facebook page, and certainly the “tongue in cheek” shirts. Having resources to develop a plot which may have seemed forgotten is great, but having the support of the neighbors in development and change is priceless. Just because “you can” does not mean you should.

You can disagree all you want about the impact of this teller’s story, but being that this story is coming from the perspective of one who had prior experience in this location…. I’d say it’s her story to tell, not your friends’, nor your own. Do you get it? Lay down the defensive attitude trying to justify the “joke.” And stop trying to self-assure the invalue value of your friends’ development in this neighborhood. It’s up to the citizens of this neighborhood, including your friends now how the rest of this relationship plays out.