There’s going to be some of you who read this who have completely different views as me, and that’s okay. But for 2 minutes considering the following.

500 million iPhones have been sold in the last 5 years, there are six billion, eight hundred and eighty million mobile devices in a world of seven billion and twelve million people. Sit on that for second, while you read this on your new iPhone, with a camera that in the 20’s seemed to be impossible.

Now, let’s just say 50% of those people have devices with camera’s on them, that’s three billion, four hundred and forty million devices with camera’s. Giving a large amount of people across the world the ability to capture ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

For some reason though, with the PROOF that you can get captured at any moment doing anything. People still are proven to commit crime, adultery, homicide, suicide, rape, etc. With videos and photos taken, that’s point blank, black and white what you are seeing is how it was. Now, is that true though? What happened up until that point, that’s the question everyone is forgetting. We assume that the gentlemen is being shoved on the ground because he had a weapon, or was disobeying orders from a policeman. We assume that the boy who raped the girl really thought the girl wanted it and we assume she’s just saying it’s a problem because he was star athlete.

The Media. The Media. The Media. It’s all about the script, the camera angles, the music. For example, “Making a Murderer” could have very easily been shot from a different perspective and convinced you that Steven Avery was guilty. That’s just another MAN being accused of something he didn’t do. (note, I didn’t say white man)

Right now “it’s a race issue”, it’s the “Black Lives Matter” movement or propaganda, whichever side you chose to stand on.

If “white america” decided to start posting videos or what not about how they’re wrongfully accused maybe society wouldn’t be so quick to pull the trigger on “it’s a race issue”.

White, black, green or purple do right by your common stranger, do right by your bystanders. Police, mailman, gas station clerk, Target stock boy, do right by your common stranger, do right by your bystanders.

EVERYONE is raised differently and EVERYONE has different stories about their triumphs and downfalls. The thing that’s so messed up about the Trump vs. Hillary vs. Bernie vs the United States is assumption.