6 Exciting Facts About Your Creativity

Creativity knows no limits (sometimes for an unfortunate turn), and though it has a tendency to hide from one’s self, we can assure that everybody possess one.Therefore, we have scrapped together some rather interesting revelations about your creativity, some of them, actually quite useful to boost your artistic output! Or whichever output you wish to boost. Let the thing flourish on an unprecedented scale!

This time, we used some of our most intriguing artworks with obvious leanings towards the depths of the human psyche. Bizarrely attractive, these have a hint of disturbance and mystery that characterizes every creative mind!

Your Creativity Probably Won’t Like This One

Mind Blown” by Dailing Su

As it turns out, creativity does have a certain correlation with mental instability. This, unfortunately, pretty much justifies a huge pile of stereotypes aimed towards artistic types. On the other hand, it just approves that the brains of creative people (be proud of yourselves!) have a considerably bigger capacity for analyzing things and simply remembering them! The mental illness connotation can be explained with the overstimulation your brain receives from all the different irritations around us that your artistic mind is so opened to. With all the good things your brain perceives to create your works of art, a great deal of rubbish manages to squeeze in. Still, this definitely does not mean that at some point you’ll do the “van Gogh move”. You know, the one which involves ear. However, if you’d place a bet on someone who’s extraordinary creative to be the first one who’ll suffer from the anxiety, chances are — you’ll get a bit more prosperous.

Presumably, It Won’t Like This One Either

Masks” by Dailing Su

Creative people may be more dishonest than those of a more rational thought pattern. This is somewhat of a dark side of the “outside of the box thinking”. Since you like to think grand and sometimes rather abstract thoughts, your moral system might turn out to be a bit more flexible than that of those around you. This, in turn, makes you interpret the term “truth” a bit wider than it’s traditionally accepted. But, the heck with that. This certainly doesn’t mean that all “creatives” are some sort of a “Svengali” figures. To put it simply, creative people just enjoy taking risks with the term “truth”. Sometimes to some great results!

Finally, What’s Good About Being Creative

La Musa” by Francesco Grande

If You consider yourself a truly creative person, or, at least, a one with serious creative leanings, you are a proper candidate to enjoy the so-called “Eureka!” moment. A large part of creative people who have provided us with some of the most iconic and chrestomathic pieces of music, painting and film, testify that the inspiration came in a dream-like flash. After the flash, what remains is a creative trance, from which a masterpiece usually is born. In fact, creativity works on many levels. On of them is set in action even when you’re simply working with a hammer and a nail. That is considered to be the “ordinary creativity”, something that we use to deal with practical situations on a daily basis. The genius-like creativity is something that strikes without warning and something that every respectable artist strives for!

A Different Kind of a Perspective

Gnosis” by Francesco Grande

Keeping a reasonable psychological distance from basically everything that demands a creative approach will most likely only accumulate your creativity. A different approach to the subject (from as many different perspectives as possible) is something that’s characteristic to some of the most productive creative individuals. What it means is that you should shake up yourself and stay away from you comfort zone as you would stay away from your worst enemy. New perspective initiates an abstract thought, something that’s essential in the creative process.

Shake Your Body to Shake Your Mind

Gutta Cavad Lapidem” by Francesco Grande

Although the experiment, held back in 2005 by Rhode Island College scientists, focused solely on the aerobic kind of exercises, it’s safe to say that any kind of a sporty activity will clear out the fog that occasionally likes to settle in our brains. Some might get through with only a half an hour of recreational exercises while some will need something more time consuming. We are conscious of the “artist-sufferer” stereotype, which encourages creatives to fall into an abyss of self-destruction and all things Arthur Rimbaud (among many others) would approve to be a legit “fix” while creating your next masterpiece. We are also conscious of the fact that for some this kind of an approach worked out rather well! However, a little morning jog and some push-ups will keep you healthy and your creative output — more efficient and consistent.

Creatives Will Accept the Challenge

II Sogno” by Francesco Grande

Creative people are motivated by something far greater than external (monetary) rewards and recognition (these, though, may come as side nice effects of success). Your creativity likes to be challenged. As Robert J.Stemberg suggests in his“Handbook of Creativity”, a simple thought about intrinsic reasons to perform an activity already boosts your creativity! The greatest of creators usually become really passionate about something that tests their capacities while risky problems infuse them with an immense sense of power from the ability to effectively use their talents! So accept the next challenge and create something that will turn the world upside down!

There are far too many facts about your creativity to be compressed in a one, rather short article. However, you know that yours is unique and you definitely know how to put in practice. We encourage you to do so and on your way make something that’ll leave us with our mouths wide open!

“Creativity is discontent translated into arts!” — Eric Hoffer

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