Roaring 20’s Decorations! Old-School Mobster-Style

Oh, the 20’s! Oh, the jazz age! The age when Art Deco reached its peak! When you could lose your girlfriend in the sea of “bob” haircuts and everything seemed almost too dynamic to be true. Economics blossomed, and the post-WWI grief settled down a bit. At the same time, the prohibition was set in rule across the whole of the United States. The only way to get your beer was to do it by illegal means, which, only naturally, made the crime rate blossom. That, in turn, gave us a lot of Mafia iconography and some roaring 20’s decorations to admire!

The Armchair, the Glass and the Cigar

Artwork — “Fly in My Soup” by Rob Snow

This is a typical “Godfather scheme” that a lot of guys love to imitate. However, only the chosen ones possess the charm of Marlon Brando’s Vito Corleone, therefore, these attempts usually only leave a bad taste in one’s mouth. You cannot act like the patriarch of a mafia dynasty if your only crime thus far is a stealing a piece of Lego from your friend when you were 10. However, with certain attributes, you can, at least, strive for an old school gangster-themed party. Send out invitations with the title of “I have an offer you cannot refuse”!

The Shadow of Al Capone

Artwork — “Room Skull” by Ali Gulec

That’s one shadow to reckon with! Alphonse Gabriel “Al” Capone basically kickstarted the whole mobster “culture” and serves as a stereotype to what a real gangster should look like (even Vito Corleone is somewhat of an homage to him). Some viewed him as a Robin Hood type of a person while for the others the only thing there was to see was a ruthless criminal with a fetch for public image building. Guess, we’ll never now. Although it safe to say that his fortunes were not a result of 7-days-a-week manual labour, he was never officially charged with a murder. Instead, he ended up in the prison with an “unmanly” charge of tax evasion. Jeesh…not even aconcluding shootout? Nope. But a great inspiration for roaring 20’s decorations — definitely.

The Women of the 20’s

Artwork — “Visionary” by Mayka Can2ienova

Now that is something else. The “bob classification” prior doesn’t do any justice to the women of 1920’s (although bob really was the “hot cut” of the decade). Every respected mobster had his “femme fatale” or a couple of them by his side and it wouldn’t be any surprise that some of them had a great deal to do with making their men what they eventually became. By the end of the 20’s most countries in the world had finally given women a right to vote, thus, ensuring a never-before-seen gender equality. The so-called “flappers” (a new type of women, that represented the socially liberal climate of the 20’s) wore an imaginative and over the top make-up, were driving automobiles, drinking, smoking and doing all kinds of “inappropriate” stuff. That kind of a girl made even the toughest gangster loose his rational thought! Roaring 20’s decorations will never be fully accomplished without a tribute to this “flapper-type” mistress!

Jazz and Guns

Artwork — “Daring Girl” by Mayka Can2ienova

When a mobster entered the building, everybody took notice. The best seat was waiting there empty the whole night (because the owner was paying the Don the security fee to keep his property “safe”) while waiters were roaming around in an obvious distress. And then, when he came, everyone prayed for this time to be the “good mood occasion”. Okay, we’ll never gonna top Mario Puzo, so there’s no point in trying. Basically, jazz was the big thing of the 20’s, one of the decade’s trademarks. Just like what’s Taylor Swift right now. Alright, everyone who makes a comparison like that should be subjected to a forced labor so we take that one back. Anyway, everyone, from a mobster to a lobster on its dish listened to the great swing of it. It was novel, chic and simply something you had to listen to be a true member of the“Tommy Gun Appreciation Society”.

It’s the Bad thing that Attract Us

As vicious and brutal as a typical 20’s gangster might have been, you must admit that they looked somewhat cool (at least, when compared to a regular low-pants thug). The taste was present in practically every aspect of their lives and they appreciated the sophisticated thing. You definitely shouldn’t try a career in drug trafficking and alcohol smuggling (“Al Pachino“ by Rob Snow approves), but some of the roaring 20’s decorations will only do good for your appeal!

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