The Full Guide On Bringing Spring Into Your Home

When people ask me what is my favourite season, I without a seconds thought answer Spring! Then, perplexingly, they ask why? And all I have to say is that itchanges my life every year.

For me, spring is a time of change, a time of relieving myself of the dark and somewhat gloomy days of autumn and winter. I feel a new hype of energy which races through my body and ignites my mind. And with this newfound energy, I want to change all that is around me. Change it in a way that would show how I have stepped out of my deep winter’s slumber and started a new phase in my life.

I usually start with reorganizing my flat — I often move furniture and other decor items to make my home a more relaxed and peaceful place. I invest in some spring artwork, that really brings some new life to my living quarters! I’ve done these things for a couple of years now and have even made a mental checklist on what to do to bring in spring into my home.


Qu’est-ce que j’ai besoin de savoir sur le printemps*, you ask? Well, there are a few simple tips and tricks how you can turn your home into a delightful hideaway.

*What I need to know about spring

#1 Flowers

Cut flowers are always a good thought, nevermind the season, they’ll bring in a wave of bloom into you home and brighten up any corner with the most beautiful colours. You are especially in luck if the cut flowers are odoriferous — they’ll get you that extra zest of spring with little effort.

Keep your eye on seasonal flowers, in spring, these would be — tulips, daffodils, amaryllis, orchids, cherry blossom (granted not usually sold in stores, but will most definitely make an excellent natural decor) and others. An even better option would be to buy whole flowers (small pots of sprouting daffodils and crocuses) these are usually sold at any flower shop, so take a look!

#2 Simple, subtle colours

To give your home a new and refreshing look, I suggest invest in some new colours. For spring it is commonplace to choose colours that are bright, voluptuous and saturated, yet still very subtle and easy on the eyes. The main goal of “spring redecorating” is to leave behind the drab of the cold toned grey’s and dark hues. Spring is about the advent of light and life — so embrace it with a new radiant tone. I myself love the colder tones, such as, placid blue and violet tulip, yet I always leave the limelight for my beloved white colour. Try colour combinations such as sand withviolet tulip or Paloma with white, Use spring to experiment!

3# Spring Artwork

Nature by the wonderful kowei

Ufhuid by the elegant Virgola Di Giorgio

Choosing the perfect spring artwork for your home may be a difficult task. The importance of matching and countermarching the right colours, tones, shapes and most chiefly — choosing the right storyline for your designated space seems somewhat daunting at first glance. However, fear not! Here at Creame we offer a plethora of spring artwork prints that will most definitely find a spot in your home to adorn. Discover more about kowei’s urban cartoon art and Virgola’s special offers for a very spring influenced home decor.

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