I apologize for the confusion and thank you for the clarification.

“arguing that intelligence is a greater predictor of success than socioeconomic factors, and therefore white people are more intelligent seems to be a rather fringe right perspective.”

I haven’t read everything Charles Murray has written, but I read the Bell Curve and that is certainly not the thesis of the book or anything I have seen Murray argue (I am not even sure if the sentence makes logical sense).

“Finally, these speakers are invited on to college campuses, but that doesn’t mean the student body cannot peacefully protest”

I don’t think there is anything wrong with peacefully protesting.

“and effectively prevent them from speaking.”

This is where we disagree. First, it runs against the purpose of the modern university to develop critical thinking, broaden horizons, intellectually challenge oneself, etc. Second, and to your point, it is other students “who actually go that school” that invited the speakers. Why should some students be able to prevent other students from hearing a speaker? Wouldn’t it be better for the protesting students to organize and bring a counter-speaker of their own and maybe even organize a debate?

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