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The saddest part of this is that you don’t even have a coherent political philosophy. You are just about team. The Founding Fathers weren’t the “liberals” of their age, they were political philosophers that created a political system that is today in line with “conservative” and “libertarian” philosophies and not in line with “progressive” philosophy (which is why Progressives are so in favor of a “living” Constitution).

Who is most likely to cheer when the police shut down a bake shop that doesn’t want to cater a wedding against its owner’s conscience? Who is more likely to defend the Judge that upholds the fine?

The reality is that both sides are hypocritical, supporting authority when it agrees with them, and being against authority when it does not. But overall, Progressive ideology is more likely to believe that X or Y should be controlled by authority altogether and Progressive ideology is more likely to insist on conformity.