6 Proven Ways to Make Money from Your Blog or Website

Before you can start making money online you need to have created your own website or blog. Instead of teaching others how to build their own websites, most sites out there are Website Building Tools that charge a monthly fee to allow you to use their platform. For those who don’t want to be locked into one platform or who didn’t want to pay a month fee I designed to be a step-by-step beginner’s guide to help you create your very own website. Unlike other educational websites, it is not created by a web developer or designer. The purpose here is to show you that anyone can create an amazing website without the need for having a technical background.

Steps to Create You Own Website

1. Choose a Domain Name

2. Choose a Web Hosting Provider

3. Choose a Website Building Platform

4. Build and Customize your Website

Now That you’ve created your website it’s time to make some money from it. Below are some ideas on how to best monetize a website.

1. Affiliate Programs

The concept behind affiliate programs is simple: You get paid for each lead or sale you refer. Basically if someone clicks through one of your affiliate links and converts you get paid. Some companies offer a fixed fee, while others work with a revenue share.

Most Popular Affiliate Networks

- Rakuten Affiliate Network

- CJ Affiliate

- ClickBank

2. Amazon

Through Amazon’s Affiliate Program you can advertise Amazon Products and anytime a user clicks through your link and makes a purchase you get a commission. The great thing about this is that Amazon has millions of products to choose from and you get commission off anything a user purchases after clicking through your affiliate link, not just the product you were promoting.

3. Advertisements

You can sell Ad units on your website. If your site gets a ton of traffic and is well-known in the industry you can sell direct deals, otherwise the most popular way to make money from ads on your website is through Google’s AdSense.

4. Sell a Product

There are a number of “products that you can sell on a website. You can create an e-book, create an online tool or service for which you charge a fee or create a membership area or paid forum.

5. Sell Your Website

Once you’re website has become successful and you’ve already been making money using one of the above four mentioned options you can sell your website. There are many of people out there looking for established websites and are willing to pay top dollar for ones that are proven (traffic and revenue).

Site Where You Can Sell your Website

- eBay

- Flippa

- Empire Flippers

6. Donations

You could always simply ask for donations. One method that will help increase the odds of someone donating to your site is offering to create a backlink for anyone who makes a donation (or donates over a certain amount).

Keep in mind creating a website is the easy part. Getting traffic and ultimately earning money from your website is the hard part. Don’t be afraid to try different things, and be sure to stay positive. Just because something worked for someone else doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you, or just because it may not be working right away doesn’t mean it won’t start to generate money in the long term.