Tell Your Story with Purpose

I’d be a millionaire if I got a dollar every time I heard someone say, “We’ve got to tell our story.” If you work in marketing you’d probably agree that 2015 is the year all marketers became storytellers. Don’t get me wrong, I am moved when I hear a good story. I won’t deny that as I get older I find myself getting misty eyed when I see a good ad. However, when it comes to the majority of marketing, all this story time is putting me to sleep!

Even the greatest story telling in the world won’t make up for a lack of substance. Considering that we have somewhere between 140 characters and 300 words to get our message across, it is obvious when our stories lack purpose. A self serving story is the quickest way to get your audience to tune you out.

So how do we inject purpose into our stories? You need to start with yourself.

To have any hope of connecting with your prospects and customers, we as marketers need to walk the talk. We talk about engagement metrics and click rates, but how many of us are out there on social media day to day? Lip services won’t get you far with millennials. Unless you become an active and engaged part of the community you are trying to reach, your stories won’t get you very far.

The first step to connecting with your community is to find your own voice.

  • What topics can you speak to with authority?
  • What do you do that adds value directly to your customers or prospects?
  • What part of your work energizes you?

If you’re having a hard time with the answers, know you’re not alone. It’s hard work to dig deep and ask ourselves where we truly add value. Ultimately though, as marketers it’s our responsibility to answer the tough questions, not only for ourselves, but for our brands as well. By building credibility online, you can gain valuable insight for you and your business. 
 The trend is clear, purpose driven messaging is what resonates today. The stories people want to hear are about what is changing for the better. How is your company working to make a difference? Stop talking about likes and clicks, and start responding to real concerns from your community. Tell your stories with purpose or maybe don’t bother to tell them at all.

I’m new to Medium and I’d love to keep this conversation going. Feel free to leave a comment or you can find me on Twitter @CreatingLiz