Olio Partners with Five Brothers Artisan Cheese

We asked what they wanted in Olio, they responded: ‘local products’, ‘local toppings’, ‘local beer’. Our customers were pretty clear.

In all honesty we wanted to do this anyway, our customers just affirmed for us that it was a good idea.

So when Adam Blanchard contacted us about working with Five Brothers Artisan Cheese, we were sold before we started talking. We did our best not to tell him this of course as we were negotiating.

Last week he visited us and we got to talking about Five Brothers Cheese, where it came from, and how we could work together.

First things first, we had him design the Five Brothers Smoked Cheddar Signature Pizza.

Adam designing the Five Brothers Smoked Cheddar made with barbecue sauce, pepper, oregano, chicken, bacon, green pepper and, most importantly, Five Brothers Smoked cheddar cheese.

We got to talking and figuring out how Olio can work with Five Brothers Artisan Cheese. When two parties have a similar goal, these types of conversations are very exciting. Not the best negotiating position to put yourself in, but whatever — it was fun.

Adam, Trevor, and Alex discussing Five Brothers Cheese and Olio over a Quidi Vidi IPA

To be honest, we probably spent more time talking about our respective businesses than negotiating.

Adam was “just looking for a new skill to bring to the kitchen” when he started making cheese. He started just making cheese for friends. Soon after that, he started selling cheese at the St. John’s Farmers Market, quit his job, and became a fulltime cheese maker.

Talking to Adam, you can feel the passion behind the drive for producers and consumers to buy and eat local, “there is something very cool about getting local milk and turning it into something as beautiful as cheese and having it end up on somebody’s dinner plate.” He continued,

Local means supporting local businesses here in Newfoundland and Labrador. There are so many talented individuals and businesses here in our province that we need to support. By supporting local you’re keeping money in the community.
Alex prepares the first Five Brothers Smoked Cheddar

As we are in our early stages of our business, we are hungry for advice from similar entrepreneurs. Again, Adam’s passion shined through,

If you have the vision and are ready to dedicate yourself to the food industry then you’ll be a part of something special and meet many amazing people… It’s not easy but it will be well worth it. There are so many opportunities here in Newfoundland for young people.

Our conversation was cut short by a beautiful golden pizza. Adam, of course, had the first bite.

We waited for his thoughts…

… He loved it.

Now you can enjoy the Five Brothers Smoked Cheddar signature pizza or add Five Brothers Smoked Cheddar Cheese to your custom pizza by selecting it as a ‘premium topping’.

In keeping with our collective love of keeping it local, we created the ‘local special’ available in-store only when you purchase a Five Brothers Smoked Cheddar with a Quidi Vidi IPA.

The Local Special. Available in-store only.
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