Cause Collaborative 2016

Let’s Recap

A huge thank you to all of our sponsors, speakers and attendees — Cause Collaborative 2016 was a success! We are incredibly grateful for all of your support and are excited to share with you some of the important takeaways from our speaker sessions.

Kicking off the day, Jennifer McNally and Diego Espino from Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio (PPGOH) presented “Crisis Communication: Preparing to Come Out Ahead.” Jennifer outlined steps for building an effective plan of action for crises. Step 1: Gather staff and key stakeholders to consider worst case scenarios from the minor (“bad news”) to the major (“hair on fire”). Diego then shared how PPGOH put its crisis communication plan into action in response to the 2015 release of highly edited videos by the Center for Medical Progress. He told us the most important thing an organization can do in response to a crisis is to identify one spokesperson and keep that person informed with as much information as quickly as possible.

George Needham, director of the Delaware County District Library, then led a session on “Change Management: Looking from the Outside In.” Referencing key points from John Kotter’s Is Your Iceberg Melting? Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions, George discussed change management through the lens of libraries in a “Google it” era. For libraries to survive and thrive, George argues that the perspective must shift to “the outside in” — asking the questions: what does the community need and what can the library do to help?

After lunch, Allen Proctor, president and CEO of the Center for Social Enterprise Development (CSED), moderated the panel discussion on “Emerging Social Enterprises.” Our three panelists from local nonprofits participating in CSED’s SE Catalyst initiative caught us up to speed on their progress toward launching their social ventures. Bo Chilton, CEO at IMPACT Community Action, advised that to create a social enterprise, you need to think outside the box, innovate, have consultants and find a champion. Teresa Trost, executive director at Community Shares of Mid Ohio, said it’s imperative when creating a social enterprise to relate it to your mission and ensure that it will further the mission of your organization. For Joy Chivers, CEO at Gladden Community House, the most important thing to do when considering social enterprise for your organization is to talk to other social enterprises and learn about the benefits, and she reiterated the importance of connecting your venture to your organization’s mission.

Stay tuned for video recordings of these presentations! We cannot wait to start planning for Cause Collaborative’s sixth year in 2017. We are looking for committee members to help us for next year — reach out if you are interested in lending a hand.

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