Perfection is overrated!

It’s true perfection IS overrated.

I saw a quote on Pinterest the other day that said “Done Is Better Than Perfect.”
Now before you stop reading this ’cause you only make perfect products,
hear me out.
I know your products are perfect and I’m definately NOT suggesting that you send anything less than perfect out of the door.
I know that goes against everything you believe in and stand for.
No, what I’m talking about here is your marketing.

The perfect email that never gets sent ’cause it’s never quite perfect,
will acheive….NOTHING!
But the imperfect email that actually DOES get sent,
may just prompt a lead or a customer to take action.
If you wait until something’s perfect,

it holds you back.
It slows you down.
Maybe even stops you from pressing “send” or “post”.
Or picking up the phone.
Whatever it is.
Done IS better than perfect.
And who’s perfect anyway?!
I’m certainly not!

So when it comes to your marketing remember,
“Perfection Is Overrated”
And you can quote me on that one!

Cheers, Tina Clarke :)