Secret Formula

There’s no secret formula.

One size doesn’t fit all.
Sorry to burst your bubble!
I’ve looked for the secret formula and it doesn’t exist.
There’s no magic blueprint that’ll tell you what to do to be successful.
Although people will claim they have one.

Every business is different.

Every business owner too.
In fact their customers are also different,
so why would you expect there’d be some kind of standard business marketing and customer retention thingy that works for every single business?
Think about the choices you make.
Why do you go to that particular hairdresser?
Why that brand of trainers / clothes / makeup?
Why did you choose to buy the exact car you have?
Something made you choose these things and I bet you don’t have the exact same car as your next door neighbour,
or the same clothes,
or even hairstyle.
You have to do what works for your business only.
Who are your customers and what do they want?
How can you help them?

Don’t just try to copy your competitors — how do you know if what they’re doing works?
They might be struggling and so if you go and copy them,
you’ll probably end up struggling too.

It’s true that the best way to become successful is to learn from those who are further along the road.

To learn from their successes and fails and cut down the amount of time it takes to get where you wanna go.
Just make sure you learn from someone who’s honest and transparent.
Who doesn’t only show the good bits.
Who isn’t putting on a front.
And NEVER just copy a competitor ’cause you think you need to do the same as them.

80% of business owners at any one time are either just getting by or they’re struggling.
Why would you want to copy that?

So try things,
measure the results and review what’s working for you regularly.

Get a coach or mentor. (It doesn’t have to be me!)

Invest in learning.
Learn to stand out — you ARE unique after all!
Focus on what you want and keep going.
NEVER give up.
Grow a thick skin.
THAT is the success formula.
It might be a bit disappointing to find out there’s no blueprint.
No do this,
then that and then success will be yours!
But it’s all any of us have got.
I have coaches and they have coaches too!
It’s the same in the world of sport,
anyone who want’s to be really successful has a coach.
What they don’t have is a magic blueprint or secret formula!

Cheers, Tina Clarke :)

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