What if your marketing isn’t working?

You’re putting stuff out there daily.
You think you have your marketing ducks in a row,
yet nothing is happening!
Does that sound familiar?
Maybe you aren’t speaking to your ideal customers?
Are you talking about stuff people want to know about?
Are you helping people with the content you put out?
Are you educating them?
Being entertaining even?
O.K. what about a Call To Action?
Are you including a Call To Action in your marketing to let them know what you want them to do?
Like call you,
buy now!
or subscribe?
If yes then it’s probably down to being a waiting and numbers game.
You’ll need a little patience.
Not many will buy from you straight away.

They need to get to know your business and feel like they can trust it.

But also,
it’s about the numbers.
So are you REALLY being seen by many?
Are you visible?
You might not be as visible as you think you are.
In fact I would probably put a bet on that!
So if your marketing isn’t working maybe it’s worth checking your reach on your social media platforms and your website analytics,
taking those numbers and then setting targets to massively increase them.
For the right audience of course!

Cheers, Tina Clarke :)

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