Day 2/28

Photo Credit: Nabeel Syed

For someone who would love to write for a living I’m very bad at it. It’s day two of my diary and I have nothing to write about, I feel no different from how I felt yesterday. I did however wake up very drowsy and almost fell over this morning, I’m not quite sure if it’s because of the medication or if I was still asleep. I did have a small bit of anxiety today which is strange as this isn’t usual something I feel, so I will keep an eye on that!

My fiancée told me about the dream she had last night; this morning, which was really cool. She was in a dystopian future where every night when you go to bed, you are sawed in half and placed in a vacuum pack. This had me thinking about it on my bus ride to work. How do they stop you bleeding out? How are you reattached? So many answers! I hope she has the conclusion to the dream tonight.

Nothing particular interested happened to me today, I stayed late in work for a conference call which meant I got stuck in traffic. I usually finish before the only bridge into my town gets busy. Sadly not today as it meant I had to endure being on a busy bus for longer than normal. I did however bring home a bag of chips, fried rice and a carton of curry from the local chip shop for myself and fiancée to share for tea. Which was nice.

Thanks for reading.


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