Day 3/28

Photo Credit: Guang Yang

Today I’m feeling more inclined to write a little something — unlike yesterday. I took my medication when I get home from work around 6 pm. I had been feeling fine up until around 9 pm but now I feel pretty low. I hate the word medication. It makes me feel old. Or sick. I just don’t see myself as being ill I guess.

I read today that creativity and depression isn’t linked. Anecdotal I know but I was never a creative individual, until I got depression. Now although i’m not creative I see myself as being into all types of things I wouldn't normally be. I want to learn how to paint, how to play piano, write short stories etc. I’ve even signed up for a creative writing taster session! I’m looking forward to that. I hope that I still look for creative outlets such as evening classes. Pottery! I think I could make a great bowl.

One step closer to the wedding! Today me and my fiancée emailed a wedding planner back to ask for an amended quotation. Exciting times!

Thanks for reading.