How Twitch Has Affected Modern Gaming Industry

Twich logo

Many people have heard about Twitch. But what is it and how did it affect the modern gaming industry? Let’s answer these questions in the following article. Twitch is a livestreaming website that is dedicated to video gaming content. The site is very popular and more than 150 million of visitors use it every month. People can broadcast themselves while playing and other people can watch them or chat about games. A broadcaster can gather a large audience and can also make some profit with the help of advertisements and, more than that, it is possible to transform it into a job. Twitch helps to share knowledge, to become members of interesting communities, and to do a live sharing of favorite activities.

Tips and tricks

There are a lot of gamers, who use Twitch in order to find tricks and tips for their favorite games. So, nowadays, if you don’t know how to play a game, it is possible to ask for advice or to find some answers with the help of Twitch.

Game streaming communities

Twitch is used by such a great number of gamers because they want to build their community where they can communicate with people with the same interests. It is possible to make friends and simply to chat with somebody when being a member of a game streaming community.

New designs of games

Twitch made a huge impact on how developers make their games. Nowadays, many game developers create games with spectatorship in their mind. The games become more fun to watch and it means that the streaming community will accept them.

Twitch helps to sell games

Twitch helps to sell popular games. Twitch becomes like a free advertisement for a game, games that are very popular on Twitch are easily sold and more people want to buy them.