First speakers announced for Kinsale Sharks

Last month we were appointed to curate the final two days of the Kinsale Sharks advertising festival, which runs between 22nd and 24th September. For us it is an amazing opportunity to bring our skills of creative curation, honed over the last 12 years of delivering inspiring events to creative and brand leaders, to provide a fresh approach to the second oldest advertising festival in the world. It also provides our global Socials who can’t make CS Mumbai in November, an opportunity to hop across to Ireland for some much needed inspiration.

Anyway we are delighted to announce our first speakers who come from very diverse backgrounds and will be bringing their own passions and unique stories to inspire the creative leaders who will be convening at the festival.

These include:

Antonio Fernandez

Antonio, aka King Tone, was the Leader of the New York chapter of the Latin Kings. He has worked directly with over 7,000 members in Washington, DC, Newark, New York City, Spain, and Ecuador to redirect their energies toward community building. Antonio uses his life story as both a cautionary tale and a message about self-transformation. Fernandez now gives talks & runs workshops for C-level executives on how to affect change with little or no resources. Fernandez is on a mission to help people find their paths towards personal growth and change.

Antonio told us “I am humbled to be able to travel to beautiful Ireland and meet with fellow free thinkers and revolutionaries in their fields. Bringing your visions and passions to life is sometimes a labour of love; one I know all too well. It is my absolute honour to recognise their talent and help bring it to the masses.”

Laura Jordan Bambach

A Social since our inception, a former D&AD President, co-founder of SheSays and currently Creative Partner at Mr President, Laura Jordan Bambach is a creative force of nature. Laura will open the Kinsale Shark Awards with a call to action: Question Bravely, Answer Boldly. We’re looking forward to hearing her view on how to break free from the pack and make yourself a braver leader, and where that might take creative communications.

Mr Bingo

Some say he’s the ‘Master of pens’. Some call him the ‘Justin Bieber of drawing’. We welcome Mr Bingo to Kinsale whose wonderfully twisted illustrations have lead to a client list that includes Time, The New York Times, Wired, The Tate, the BBC and many many more all personally insulted by his infamous Hate Mail.

Mr Bingo told us “I’ve never fucking heard of this place but its got colourful buildings and I expect the local people will be weird so I’m interested”.

Early bird tickets cost a bargain 395 Euros. Grab yours here.

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