INCA Productions creates pixelated set for Anya Hindmarch’s AW16 fashion show

Colourful illuminated surfaces based on 8-bit graphics and Rubik’s cubes formed the backdrop for designer Anya Hindmarch’s London Fashion Week catwalk show.

Set designer Stuart Nunn created the pixellated platform and props inside Lindley Hall, southwest London, for the presentation on Sunday morning.

“This show was a continuation of an architecture-inspired approach to the staging of Anya’s shows which began with Spring Summer 2016, presented in the same space but in a distinctly different format,” said Hindmarch’s creative team, which has worked with Nunn for many seasons.

A floor and giant wall made of square light-up acrylic panels were installed at the venue, with freestanding stacks of cubes covered in the same white materials.

Each LED panel featured a three-by-three motif reminiscent of a Rubik’s cube puzzle.

As models walked over the 150-millimetre deep stage floor, the podiums moved back and forth along hidden rails disguised by the grid — manually winched on steel cables.

The effect was designed to build a narrative about the threshold of artificial intelligence and ask the question: do computers dream when they sleep?

Patterns were illuminated across the back wall to give the impression of a computer trying to communicate with the audience.

According to the studio, the challenge was combining “the whiteness of the photo studio with the rich colour of 8-bit gaming” — referring to the simple graphics of early computer games.

“The definitive point in the process was the realisation that the Autumn Winter 2016 collection was going to look best presented against a predominantly white background rather than the black baseline of a computer’s screen,” said Hindmarch’s studio.

LED pixel-panels were combined with a layer of frosted opal acrylic, creating a surface that could both emit and receive light.

This gave the flexibility to shift between deep saturated colour and bright white light, which was optimum when each of the looks was first presented.

The coloured squares were echoed on Hindmarch’s coats and accessories, formed by tiles attached to the fabric.

At last year’s Art Basel fair, artist Tobias Rehberger similarly used coloured squares to create a pixelated effect, though his imagery was pornographic.

Hindmarch’s set was engineered and constructed by scenery specialists Diagon in London, and Frankmusik, aka Vince Turner, provided the soundtrack.

This season’s edition of London Fashion Week runs from 19 to 23 February 2016, during which Sadie Williams presented her spin on vintage winter-sports attire and Sibling showed a collection influenced by Grace Jones.

Originally published at on February 24, 2016.

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