Guide to participate in the crowdsale of Creativechain with bank transfer

Bank transfer payment:

If you don’t have Bitcoins we recommend to contribute by bank transfer. We use the international transfer system and currencies — cryptocurrencies exchange. That means any amount that you send in your country official currency will be automatically converted to Bitcoins and it will be deposited in Chip-chap and Creative chain fiduciary account.

Follow these simple steps:
1- Go to the payment button by bank transfer.

2- Create a Chip-chap account, it is easy and simple. Once you update your ID picture, the registration will be done. Then you have to come back to this page (If you are already a member you can skip this step).

3- Login with the email account and password you have just registered in Chip-chap and the amount of contribution to the crowdsale campaign and press the send button.
Remember that 50€ is the minimum amount available for this payment method.

4- Bitcoin conversion of the amount selected will be shown. Copy the given reference number “BUY BITCOIN XXXXX”

5- Finally you will have to open your online bank account and make a simple transfer indicating the reference code given in the previous step and recipient bank account details. Chip-chap charges up to 2% commision.

6- Your contribution will be succesfully made and you will be part of the project. A confirmation email will be sent to you.
Also, you will receive a welcoming message from and the indications of how to get back your CREA on next May 1st.

(It is possible that BTC value may lightly change since you get your reference number until the moment when you make the bank transfer)

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