Dear Creative Industry

Now, you should know that I will never stop trying to break into one of your agencies. Never. But I’d love to provide you with a little insight on the situation you’ve put me through recently and I’ll explain to you (if at all necessary) why I’m upset today.

Last week, I attended an interview at a creative agency. It was for a senior position. As you can imagine I was terrified. I went into full-on study mode and did an absolute shit-tonne of research on both company and client, even preparing an example task to get across my thinking.

I was absolutely delighted to receive a call the next day inviting me back for a second interview. My interviewer sensed my nervousness but liked me and wanted me back to meet others! Brilliant! A set brief was given to me which I excitedly got to work on immediately. I had only four days to create a fully-rounded year-long content plan for the client as well as an additional TOV task.

You should know that I spent the entirety of my weekend answering this brief. From morning until evening, I was hunched, typing and pony-tail-twiddling over the living room table. I was committed to doing the best job I possibly could, completing each task with painstaking attention to detail. Then there was the prospect of presenting my work during the second interview, something I was dreading as I speak far too quickly when I’m nervous and stumble over my words. I made sure I was prepared. My friends went out on Sunday but I stayed in, working. Finessing. Generally speaking, I love working on these briefs that agencies set because they remind me that I can do this stuff. I can be the creative writer and thinker that I like to imagine I am and I do have it in me.

The job interview was meant to be tomorrow morning. I found out this morning that my interview has been cancelled and that the job was offered to someone else last Friday.

Words can’t describe how angry, upset and cheated I feel. I worked so hard on that brief and did some really good work only to be told that it was all for nothing. Once again I’ve suffered the terrible luck (and in this case unfair treatment) of the creative industry.

I’m not sure what I hope to achieve with this post. I suppose it was just somewhere to vent my anger. But it’s really not fair. What’s wrong with me? I’m dedicated, motivated, humble, pleasant to be around. I’m talented in my ways and will go above and beyond to make a good impression. I’m driven and collaborative and a good creative thinker. And above all else, I’m a good writer. I think I deserve to be given a chance to prove my skills and take a firm step on the creative ladder.

It’s really hard to keep chasing your dream when you’ve had so many nightmares.

Long story short, you’re a cruel, heartless bastard, Creative Industry. I’ll take pleasure in one day pinning you to the floor, taking your arm and punching you with your own fist. Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself.