Five Biggest Fashion Bloggers Back in 2008, and Where They are Now

The fashion blogging landscape has changed a lot in the past seven years. I often compare it to the rise and fall of reality stars. Some rise and remain active and the center of media gossip like The Kardasians, some, like Paris Hilton, becomes the center of attention for only a short while.

In 2008, it was really simple to discover fashion influencers because they pretty much all linked to each other. You can compile a list very quickly if you get “click happy”. In the same vein, it was easy to get linked by one of them and rise to the top if you have decent photos, even if it wasn’t taken by a digital SLR.

We reached got the attention of a few big names in 2008 and received enormous amount of “good will” traffic from these key partners. Taking a trip down memory lane, here is a list we compiled seven years ago that I’m sharing here with you.

With Susie Bubble and Connie Wang in 2008

Susie Bubble

An online magazine editor turned fashion blogger, Susie is one of the original bloggers who rose to fame because she had an unique great point of view, combine with great style. Even today, she’s still revered in high fashion as one of the most creative influencers on the net.

Fashion Toast

One of the first influencers who posted editorial quality photos of herself on the net, Rumi had her boyfriend post many versions of her California girl on the beach shots. She was young, beautiful and cool. She was the inspiration for many influencers like Song of Style to even start blogging.

Childhood Flames

Camille doesn’t blog much now, but she was one of the top teen bloggers in 2008. She was featured on The New York Times, Teen Vogue, and many editorial outlets over and over again because it was such an intriguing phenomenon to old school editors that teens were posting photos of themselves on the internet. #beforeselfiewasinvented

Karla’s Kloset

American Apparel found her on Chictopia and featured her as a model for their ad campaign and had been using her for years. Karla was one of Chictopia’s first style icons. She had classic Audrey Hepburn style and a beautiful face. The net could not get enough of Karla.

Michelle Phan

We never met the queen but she had been an influencer on Youtube even back then. We heard she was very friendly in person and her genuine connection with her audience has made her one of the most successful influencers to date. Her own beauty company and media company makes her millions. All because she was so good at being Michelle.

For those of you who are OG in fashion and had been trolling the internet as long as we have. Who were some of your favorite ones in 2008?

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