3 Zoho CRM hacks you didn´t know were possible

1. Aggregate emails under Accounts module

When it comes to data aggregation there is not such thing as too much of it. By default Zoho CRM aggregates your emails under Leads or Contacts, but not under Accounts.

If you conduct business to business operations then emails under Contacts makes little to no sense at all, but worry no more you can actually hack your way through having emails as a related list under Accounts.

In order for this process to properly work we need 3 key components working at the same time;

1. Zoho Creator account synced to your Zoho CRM platform.

2. Enterprise edition on your Zoho CRM plan.

3. And ability to forward emails from your current email hosting provider. i.e. Outlook, Gmail, etc ( most do )

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2. Adding Barcodes to Sales Orders, Invoices or Product Items.

If your business is starting to grow and you process hundreds if not thousands of transactions per day scanning orders, invoices or inventory items becomes a must have.

The barcode API uses a very simple RESTful interface. Each barcode can be generated by creating the proper URL. Currently, the API supports the following barcode types:Code 39 (c39)Code 128a (c128a)Code 128b (c128b)Code 128c (c128c)4 of 5 Interleaved (i2of5)

You can find all API details in the following url http://www.barcodes4.me/apidocumentation but if you need help implementing it into your Zoho CRM account do not hesitate to contact us.

3. Calculate Distance between 2 addresses and store value in Zoho CRM

With Gogole API you can easily calculate the distance between 2 addresses or coordinates get a value in km or miles back from google server and store the value within Creator or CRM fields for your database operations.

How to use it?

Well…for starters wouldn´t it be awesome if your employees could log the mileage automatically as they visit each location? With Zoho Creator and Google maps API is now possible. Zoho Creator mobile app enables you to submit forms from your phone when you are surveying the market, visiting clients or simply performing maintenance to your business units. From Zoho Creator you can push values back to your Zoho CRM as related reports under each Account, Lead or Contact.

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