Blogging Your Way


Blogging, as I have learned over my one year of experience, has a lot of dos and don’ts. If you want to be a blogger, that’s an amazing and large step you are taking. Blogging is a great thing to do: it allows one to become more conscious, thoughtful, and ponderous on life and it’s great happenings. Below are some of the gems I’ve collected in my journey to becoming a writer.

  1. As cliche as it sounds, people DO judge you.

When I started blogging last year, was I flustered. My fear of failure fused with my want, but inability to take criticism along with my overall apprehensive attitude made me completely susceptible to emotional issues.

I was really afraid of looking like a “loser”, being openly confronted about a spelling error or something minuscule. I was afraid people were going to ridicule me: aunties would decline my rishta because I called Zayn Malik a “spicy tikka kabob,” my parents would be upset because every minute I spent writing a new post, I wasn’t developing the cure to cancer, etc.

But I soon learned that, when you really want to do something, those significant problems become a speck of dust you can accept and dismiss. Once I actually begin blogging, my parents were quite pleased to see I was doing something for myself, a couple of aunties who I thought would shun me actually complimented my writing. All in all, you will never know how bad/good you will be at something unless you wholeheartedly try.

2. It’s almost creepy.

In all honestly, it’s kind of irritating because everybody you meet knows too much about you. Although people aren’t openly obsessed with me or anything, there have been instances where people have asked me if certain posts were about them, been offended by my mentally enhanced (weave flip) commentary, or known things about me that maybe, I just didn’t want to tell them yet. It felt like people already knew me and based their opinion of me off of one blog post where I talked about something immature.

3. Be prepared for criticism.

Haters truly are going to hate, and in order to progress, you must let them. When you enter the blogging realm, you have to remember this through every post you submit. We are all different people, and we all enjoy/discern different things. So when you get an opinion, get a multitude of them so at least one person will be nice enough to say it was “okay-ish.”

4. You are a voice on the interweb.

Choose your words wisely, and know the amount of power your wifi connection and keyboard can give you.

5. You are permanent.

If you haven’t noticed, I personally make an attempt to “behave myself” on the internet. I try to voice my political/social opinions in the most unbiased way possible, don’t use curse words. This is because, whether your blog has 10 hits or 100,000, the internet is permanent. People do remember the things you write, and it does affect your reputation and social status Be very wary and circumspect, and try not to offend anyone as we all take things very differently.

6. Don’t shove it in people’ faces.

I’m not famous by ANY means. I don’t wear fur coats, get followed by the paparazzi, or cruise about in a Lamborghini. I wear slouchy jeans and toe rings, take too many selfies, and grace the passenger seat of my mother’s Honda Odyssey (and my sister’s glamorous, sparkling Civic when I’m feeling a little bit more mighty).

Clearly, I’m not anything too big just yet. Do I want to be? Hmm…yes, but it isn’t my goal. Don’t keep shoving your work into people’s faces. It’s okay to casually mention something when you’re excited about it, do a quickie Instagram post here and there, but don’t consider yourself better than anyone because you got more than five pageviews. Don’t force your friends to read your blog, or show off. If people are genuinely interested in your work, they’ll read it themselves.

7. Know your goal.

You want to a start a blog…but why? Have a goal that you can summarize into a tweet and look back on it when you’re in a rut. Let that goal drive you, and when the two comments under a blog post get to your head, take it back, sugar muffin. Know why you write what you write.

8. It is not your whole life!

Blogs are supposed to be a fun and creative outlet for you to showcase your writings and voice your opinion. Don’t become obsessed with gaining page-views, getting compliments, etc. Unless you’re getting paid for it, keep your blog a side thing. Don’t obsessively write, or freak out when you see a spelling error or something minuscule. Your blog does not define you.

An Article by Duriba Khan

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