Creatyst Interviews Photographer Siddharth Samant

Siddharth is an Engineer with great eye for Photography. Being a talented illustrator , his upcoming typography series is surely going to make him the favorite amongst his army of Instagram followers.

A double exposure photography of Siddharth in collaboration with Swapnil Junjare ( @satanssj)

How did you take up Photography and tell us about your journey?

Photography for me started in my first year of engineering that was around 6 years back with my Uncles’s Sony Ericsson W200i. Dad got me an Olympus PnS which was responsible for most of my old Facebook albums. Two years later I got a Nikon D5100, my first DSLR. Midway I had joined Instagram and met this awesome community from Bombay called Mumbai Igers. After attending many meets and follower’s feedback gave me the push to become better at it.
Once I got “suggested” by the Instagram, it gave recognition to my work.
Nowadays, I take up assignments, not the big one though and work with brands for promotion on social media. I would like to continue it as a hobby.

Why don’t you take this us professionally?

I would not like to take this up professionally, as I am of the opinion that it will change my perspective about the art. Currently, I use it as a stress-buster, a way cope up with work and day-to-day activities.

What can expect next from you?

A Darth Vader mask series shot around Mumbai called as Bombay InVader, also working on blending typography with scenic pictures. typography is what I like and have worked on, so that would be cool. I would love to do a travel- photoblog, but getting done with my entrance exams first, :)

Finishing Line by Siddharth

Interview by Saurabh Kabra for Creatyst

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