Creatyst Interviews Fashion Blogger Aleena Mackar

Aleena , the founder of The Style Chair (TSC) blog , known for it’s unique style and statement, shares her thoughts about the world of Fashion Blogging.

Aleena Mackar of The Style Chair

What inspired you to launch “The Style Chair”?

Being in the Fashion & Beauty Industry (owning to being a Hairstylist & Makeup artist) for the past 8 years inspired me to start parting with my expertise to the whole world rather than only my clients! I want every girl to be able to access Fashion & Beauty to the hilt. Considering how huge an impact social media has these days, a Blog seemed to be the right source of expression.

What are the factors that influence your personal style ?

My personal style is about being Original & Unique. Infact if you see something that’s trending , you may not find them on TSC. I believe in starting trends or personalizing trends & not just blindly copying them.
Personally my style is influenced by Basics, Vintage fashion & also Seasonal fashions. It’s a crime to wear a pair of yellow pants in the winters.

What do you consider some important milestones for your blog?

Some important milestones for TSC are being a part of thePOPxo Blogger Network. Being featured in print media, Invite to a Bollywood party, collaborating with The Quirkbox & a very High end Jewellery brand from Mumbai at Lakme Fashion Week .

What sets The Style Chair apart from other blogs?

The main ideology behind TSC was to have every reader leave the blog having learnt a thing or two (whether it’s makeup, hair or fashion related). The Style Chair is a one stop place for all the ladies out there & the focus primarily is Uniqueness, whether it’s fashion trends, ‘How to Wear’ posts, Youtube Tutorials, Lifestyle posts, My City Updates or even Travel posts.

Three items in your closet you can’t live without?

My Diamonds, Denims & Heels are three things from my closet I can’t live without.

What are your favorite places to shop (online or otherwise?)

Since I love buying unique things, I end up buying single pieces from a plethora of stores. I love shopping at boutiques too. Out of the brands I regularly shop would be Zara, Forever 21, Only, Forever New, Global Desi. I shop online alot & most of it comes from KOOVS. StalkBuyLove is another of my favourites too!
Generally , I shop in bulk when I am travelling (so that’s how I have a lot of things that you don’t see in India) & my favourite haunts are local boutiques & brands like H&M & Bershka.

What are your favorite trends for the upcoming winter 2015 season ?

Capes have been huge in 2015 & I am definitely looking forward to woolen capes & even Long waistcoats this winter season

Favorite Indian fashion blogs?

My absolute favourite Indian Blogs would be Big Hair Loud Mouth by Nilu Yuleena Thapa & FUSS by Rhea Gupte.

Goals for the future?

My first & foremost goal is to make sure my audience is always happy & inspired by my work & that shall always remain a goal for life.My future are to further strengthen my Youtube Channel. Also try & build up the blogger community in Pune City!

Your tips for aspiring fashion bloggers?

My advice to aspiring bloogers out there is to take Blogging seriously & not just a medium to show off outfits.Maintain the two main C’s of blogging, that is Content & Consistency. With hard work added too there is just no looking back

Maintain the two main C’s of blogging, that is Content & Consistency. With hard work added too there is just no looking back.”

Interview by Sania Shaikh for Creatyst

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