When we discuss ambitious goals such as Mozilla’s initiative to “Fix-The-Internet”, we must first ask ourselves if the internet is really broken? And if it is, what can we do to fix it?

When I think of what the internet is for most people, I think of information. Most of what we interact with online, no matter the medium, is some form of information. When you message a friend, they’re receiving information. When you read a news article, you’re receiving information. When you watch a movie on Netflix, it’s entertainment, but it’s also information.

If you can accept that the…


Around the world, news media is experiencing record levels of distrust. Much of the problem stems from news moving online, where advertising is the most common revenue model. Journalists and outlets that once focused on audience trust are being forced to focus on traffic metrics such as likes, clicks, and shares to drive revenue.

At Credder, we’re building products that make it faster and easier to find trusted news and avoid time-wasting clickbait. To pull this off, we’ll have to build a new and significantly better experience for readers. …

The coverage of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has been all over the map, with everything from careful scientific reporting to sensational clickbait to outright false and potentially deadly misinformation.

Credder.com was built to give news consumers a way to read and review content, allowing the most trusted information to be celebrated and to help readers avoid harmful misinformation or timewasting clickbait. In a couple of weeks, Credder will be releasing “Featured Stories”, which will provide a media snapshot of the most and least trustworthy articles written on any topic. …

Reviews are meant to clarify how an article lost or gained a reader’s trust. Each review serves as actionable feedback for the article’s author, outlet, and other news consumers.

How to Review

Step 1 — Trust Rating

Step 2 — General Reason

Step 3— Specific Reason (optional)

Step 4— Written Explanation (optional)

The following is a complete list of possible reviews. Each review option appears below its general reason and provides a definition of the term and an example sentence. The five general reasons are Credible, Illogical, Biased, Mistake, and Not Credible. The options listed below appear in the same order as on credder.com.



Journalism in which reporters deeply investigate a single topic of interest, such as serious crimes, political corruption, or corporate wrongdoing. An investigative journalist may spend months or years researching and preparing a report.

Well Sourced

Journalism that includes expert sources and provides links to the source material for any information that is referenced.


Journalism that includes multiple perspectives, preferably from all sides of an issue so that no side is favored in the coverage.

Great Context

Journalism that provides useful background information on the events that led to the story, as well as additional information on the who…

Data & Insights from Credder’s Private Beta

Note: The following data and insights have been generated from users and journalists during Credder’s private Beta. The publication of this information is meant to be used as Credder’s first case study for journalists and news professionals of all experience levels. This document serves to continue Credder’s mission to accelerate the news industry’s transition from a ‘click-based’ to a ‘credibility-based’ economy of news.

Data collected from Credder’s Private Beta during April 19th — May 28th, 2019.


A basic report on Credder’s recent activity and performance over 39 days.

New Reviews = 322

New Users = 2,775

New Journalists =142

Helpful Reviews = 85%*

Unhelpful Reviews = 15%*

“Gold” Articles = 65% (of articles…

There’s a big change coming to online news media. The long-awaited rise of Crowd Contested Media will finally take hold with the launch of tribeworthy.com on June 12, 2017. Tribeworthy is a platform for news consumers to work together by rating and critically reviewing online articles. Some are calling it the Yelp for news, capable of holding authors and outlets accountable to the public whose trust can now be measured.

Tribeworthy is dedicated to connecting people to the most ‘trusted’ and ‘newsworthy’ online articles. In order to discover which articles are most trusted and newsworthy, we’ve empowered the crowd to…

Dating back to the earliest concept of the United States of America, our founders designed a government that could mature through the friction of what they termed “checks and balances”.

These checks and balances aimed to hold all aspects of our government accountable. Although it’s proven difficult to create change from within our current system, the idea that accountability can encourage greater transparency and quality still holds true to this day.

Today, the Internet connects people all over the world to help hold government officials and corporate entities accountable for their actions. Websites like Rotten Tomatoes and Yelp allow the…

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Disregarding outright lies, news will arrive at your doorstep in 1 of 3 colorful packages: Polarized, Neutral, or Objective. Humans are flawed, especially when handling information. This leads to framed, distorted, unbalanced, biased, or uniforming news stories. But when the news does finally reach your doorstep, it still falls into 1 of the 3 boxes. The TSA loudspeaker would urge you to pay close attention to whose hands were involved in packaging your news. Perhaps you’re aware of how news is being mishandled, but to smell bullshit is not the same as being able to quickly and consistently identify the…

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Traditional news media is failing us.

Let’s examine how they lost their way and what we the people can do to reclaim journalism…

As we master the craft of educating ourselves online, we have less need for institutionalized learning and less interest in TV pundits interpreting the news for us. We skip the newsroom and go directly to the source for our information; gathering vast amounts of farm to table data to make our own organic decisions. In the process, we eliminate the need for mother bird to chew up our daily news before feeding it to us. In response…

And now a bit of satire for anyone afraid of war with Russia…


In the third and final 2016 Presidential Debate, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off in-front of millions of Americans. Clinton was questioned by the moderator about some uncomfortable revelations found in her emails as Secretary of State. The emails were made public by WikiLeaks, and they exposed questionable behavior by Hillary Clinton and others in the Democratic Establishment. Rather than respond to the accusations, Hillary Clinton deployed “The Putin Pivot”, which has since been adopted by others in the Democratic Establishment. …


Accelerating the news industry’s shift from clicks to #credibility. The news review site at Credder.com.

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