Guide: How to Review Articles on Credder

Reviews are meant to clarify how an article lost or gained a reader’s trust. Each review serves as actionable feedback for the article’s author, outlet, and other news consumers.

How to Review

Step 1 — Trust Rating

Step 2 — General Reason

Step 3— Specific Reason (optional)

Step 4— Written Explanation (optional)

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The following is a complete list of possible reviews. Each review option appears below its general reason and provides a definition of the term and an example sentence. The five general reasons are Credible, Illogical, Biased, Mistake, and Not Credible. The options listed below appear in the same order as on credder.com.






Pure Opinion


Misused Image/Video

[Not Credible]


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Accelerating the news industry’s shift from clicks to #credibility. The news review site at Credder.com.

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