Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, commonly known as AR/VR, has gained much traction in the past few years. One must not underestimate the potential of AR/VR; experts believe that it can change our lives to the extent that’s way more than what a smartphone has done.

At first software developers used these technologies for gaming development but now AR/VR has its reach to wearable, education, health care, retail, and many other industries. Augmented and Virtual reality has contributed towards some of the fascinating advancements in the modern technological space.

Here is an example for you to have a better understanding…

In today’s tech space, the IoT market is gaining its share throughout the world, and experts believe that it will continue to grow in the coming years. The emergence of this new technology does create an IoT job market that requires highly skilled IoT engineers and other IT professionals who can develop and offer support to billions of IoT devices that are going to be a part of our daily lifestyle.

Experts predict that the internet of things jobs might be one of the best paying jobs available in the year 2020 and beyond. It does not doubt that IoT…

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