I Shot This With A Vase

However you pronounce it, I shot a photo using a vase. Why a vase? It was red. I like red. A lot. Did you ever see the Red Ranger in the 90s? Dante from Devil May Cry? Char Aznable from Gundam? Red is an awesome color.

I digress. Why did I chose a vase? While yes, it’s color had to do with it, it also had to do with the fact that it was translucent and round. It turned my red vase into a beautiful modifier. Using the Nikon Creative Lighting System, I could trigger my Nikon D7100 to set off my Nikon SB-700 speedlight. The result was a soft red light that sets a mood for the photo instead of just a straight studio white, grey, or black.

I’m also a fan of the color blue, so for this shot, I used a small souvenir from Japan as the modifier. While it didn’t cover the entire flash head, it was angled in such a way as to project the blue in the souvenir towards me and create a harsher fall-off.

Thinking of the final image before composing the lighting and models can save you a lot of time. As far as Do-It-Yourself modifiers go, think about color psychology and what mood you are trying to portray in the photo. Also consider the material you are trying to shoot through. The ceramic vase is going to cast light differently than the souvenir and so on. Be creative with what you find and see what you can come up with.