Suspiria And Trash Cinema

The Suspiria remake emerges at some point this year. At what point who cares? no one. It ultimately does not matter who is in it or directs it because they will not make Suspiria. Just a movie with the same title like 2013 The Evil Dead.

Suspiria is a monster of sense assault, of your reality and of the characters reality. the sound track by Goblin(s) is nothing more than amazing yet shelved somewhere on a cult followers record collection never really designed to be released into a music market for pop enthusiasts.

from the first intense wailing and dramatic pauses in the escalation of the track runs adjacent to the plight of an unending murder, a woman chased, stabbed to the point her heart exposed and stabbed in the beating heart only to be thrown from the roof and hung and falling to be buried in rubble of the roof collapse.

The magnificent blue on red lighting almost creating a pink hue throughout the movies symmetry sets. each standing out like a new cart of the tarot deck. Bright, elaborate, to be walked through and imposed upon characters. Art deco for the devil.

The remake will employ thousands yet give birth to nothing of interest as the original did. years of development in hollywood is nothing compared to the quick,collaborative and original movie making process of creating this piece. Perhaps Roger Corman was the last one to make movies in this style.

Suspiria 2017 will be real trash.