3 Consumer Insights Revealed by Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing is the new format of focus group that’s changing what we know about consumers through a better understanding of consumer behavior.

By being able to track consumer web interaction better, Neuromarketing is using the latest science and technology to better inform how a users subconscious is interacting with content.

If delivered properly, this data then tells us how to better draft content that will actually engage customers. In doing so, we’ve noticed several developing trends that have helped us better guide our clients content strategy while at the same time optimizing our ad content for better delivery and consumer engagement.

Here a few of our learnings.

Consumers love the news

This might seem like a no brainer, but if so then why isn’t your content more tailored to deliver messaging based on the news that matters most to your customer?

Clearly as we’ve all seen from this last election cycle, the news is powerful and regardless of real or fake, it’s going to get eyes one way or another.

For that reason we highly recommend researching your consumers interests better to deliver content and updates that are in some way related to news that matters to them most.

Information is most credible from “Friends & Family”

According to an article in Business2Community, Edelman held a research report that showed the most credible of information actually comes from friends and family — not influencers.

This is interesting because it further emphasizes the idea that we’re living in an era of micro-influencers or in other words, user generated content and its ability to have a massive impact.

People care about purpose

Whether in reference to purpose driven brands or just the necessity to take action for a purpose, studies have found that in most cases when the consumer actually knows why they’re supposed to take an action or do something, they’re more likely to participate or click.

This is a significant insight for driving engagement and optimizing CTR percentages. For digital publishers looking to deliver a better ad experience, the answer might just be a mission statement away.

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