3 Things CMO’s Need to Know About Paid Social

As one of the many ad agencies that specializes in digital media, we’ve been putting as of late the majority of our focus on paid social.

To paint a clear picture, by 2020 advertising spend on social media will surpass that of television. This is no accident.

With Facebook and other platforms providing a better advertising experience with a more personalized way to reach and then engage customers, it’s a no-brainer as to where to put the majority of your digital dollars.

However, when it comes to advertising through social media, what do CMO’s need to know ahead of time to make the best decision when it’s time to launch a new campaign?

Here are a few insights from our digital team.

Social media advertising is an advantage not an obstacle

Instead of looking at all of these new channels as obstacles to digital media optimization and spend, you need to see it as the biggest opportunity for your brand yet.

Sure, you have to learn a few new strategies and tactics, but the end results is worth the educational investment. With the majority of your consumers spending more than 25% of their day viewing social media content, this is your chance to invest.

Additionally, unlike television advertising, with social you can run a million different A/B test campaigns for only a dollar to ensure you get the right process and ads for every cent you spend.

Work with a full service digital agency over a specialized one

I worked with client last year who hired a content marketing agency and then wanted us to work only on the paid Internet marketing agency portion. This wasn’t working for us at all.

Paid social is the perfect blend between developing optimized creative for publishing and boosting. This means you want a digital agency that has full service creative capabilities with a proven track record, some like us that is :) Shameless plug, I know.

But seriously, if you’re working with a social agency or content agency without their own paid digital team or neuromarketing division, you’ll see a significant percentage of ineffectiveness.

And who wants that? Not you.

Get your content right first and allocate your spend later

We talked about this in the first point, but it’s integral you get your content correct first. In paid social, especially with Facebook advertising, this means finding out what copy, colors, visuals, and more are guaranteed to get the highest click through rate.

Also, this is the perfect opportunity to get your customer personas correct too. Who are your customers really? What are they interested in the most? How will this impact your content strategy? Much of these are things that can only be identified through research, neuromarketing campaigns, and other types of techniques to identify what will work best for your dollar.

So, get the content correct first and enjoy the best return you can experience later. And who wants that? Everyone.

If you’re a CMO and want to learn more about how to integrate paid social into your brands digital strategy, contact us at info@crescendoagency.com and we’ll help you get started.