How to Get More out of Facebook Advertising for Business

It’s possible your read our post yesterday, and if so then it’s time you realize that the majority of your advertising in 2018 should be focused on paid social, but more importantly paid Facebook advertising.

Hearing this for many companies this clearly comes off as a major obstacle. Even paid media experts who have spent their entire careers bidding for keywords on Google are now looking at how they can apply the same methodologies and strategies to Facebook.

While we could write an entire eBook on this, we’ll begin with just a few bullet points.

Focus more on engagement objectives over awareness

If the product you’re selling or advertising focuses predominantly on conversions, then running brand awareness campaign objectives aren’t going to do you as much good.

For the most part, this is because of retargeting. One of the better methods for creating the conversions you want, but this can only be done with people who engage with your content, not through ad recall. So focus more on developing ads and posts that will drive a like or share and your end conversions will benefit even more as a result.

This doesn’t mean awareness and reach campaigns don’t matter, on the contrary. If your business has an offline objective as well, brand awareness and reach campaigns are essential to integrating with such offline objectives to drive more cohesiveness.

Go all in on bottom funnel retargeting

Your campaign should have a funnel strategy to support your sales objectives. We’re not going to go in on how to develop this now, but clearly the most important part is optimizing the bottom of the funnel to increase your end conversions.

In this case, Facebook allows you to run a myriad of retargeting options on the platform, such as integrating website visits with page engagement clicks and more. Why this is great is that customer preference and advocacy can then be optimized based on fan interaction across several channels.

This allows you to spread out your campaign reach and customer touch points more to get the most out of every action to drive an end re-action that leads to increased sales.

Stop underestimating the look alike audience feature

One of the things we love most about Facebook advertising is getting creative in developing our custom audiences.

However, we understand that it’s a work in progress and that like Google keyword suggestions, Facebook’s look alike audience suggestions is great for covering segments you might have missed or never thought about in the first place.

Facebook does an excellent job of using Look Alike Audiences to find people with identical or similar qualities and then integrate them into your campaign. We’ve found this to be extremely important in helping our clients reach the entire base of their customers online while also having the biggest impact for their business at the end of the campaign.

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