The Insights that are Changing What we Know about Customer Behavior

Neuromarketing is a fairly new method of optimizing an advertising and marketing strategy using neuroscience tools to evaluate subconscious reactions of consumers. Tools used by a digital agency specializing in neuromarketing include but are not limited to facial coding, eye tracking and fMRI/EEG scans. The primary advantages for companies to rely on a neuromarketing platform includes gathering keen insight into subconscious responses by consumers to ads and avoiding unnecessary expenses involved in a non-tested marketing plan.

Measuring Blood Flow to the Brain

Neuromarketing at its most scientific utilizes functional magnetic resonance imaging scans of the brain to evaluate blood flow and oxygen levels responding to neuronal activity. By pinpointing where neurons fire in the brain according to rising blood and oxygen levels, a neuromarketing agency can tell companies if consumers like a specific ad, feel neutral about it, or dislike an ad. This gives companies the opportunity to refine advertisements until the ads stimulate brain areas (limbic frontal lobes and hypothalamus, specifically) compelling consumers to make a purchase.

Mirror Neurons

A key concept supporting principles of neuromarketing is the function of mirror neurons, or specialized neurons that perform an action correlating to an observed action. For example, if someone is watching another person eating a piece of chocolate cake, mirror neurons in the observer will “fire” as if the observer is actually eating the cake. Businesses can apply mirror neuron-based neuromarketing by including sounds of their product (bottle caps popping off carbonated beverages, excited giggles from kids receiving a new toy), visuals of people enjoying their product (smiling, laughing, nodding) and images of people enjoying the aroma of a food, perfume or air freshener. Exciting mirror neurons makes consumers want to experience what they are seeing, which compels them to buy the product.

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